How best to buy from me


On line exhibitions/selected artist:

Plogix, artgallerysw, Surrey Contemporary art fair 2020, 2022 Flux

Live Exhibitions/selected artist: Eton Tourist Centre 2020, 2022, Boomergallery, London 2022, Exhibithere Bargehouse Artmaze, London 2022

Regular exhibitor with…

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Original art

Every piece is unique and original in every way. I paint either from pictures I've taken or from reference photos and artistic licence. Bespoke paintings are from pictures taken by you or images that you have chosen.

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3 Steps

1. Find a piece you LOVE

2. Is it right for YOU

3. Call/email me to discuss how to acquire it, pricing depends on framing and delivery options.

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Ask for more details

Please submit details of your request.