To Russia with love

A gift from wife to her husband. Everyone has a special place or moment in time personal to them. 

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Family in motion

Literally painted from a video capture. A very challenging piece but so satisfying. Another special commission my client gifted to her partner.

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Golden Temple

A very special first commission piece I gifted for the privilege and gift it gave me, the creation of Artmind2soul. Commissions give me the chance to put your vision onto canvas.

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Family in a sea of bluebells

Painted from their favourite family photograph, a perfect moment captured in a painting which they can look at everyday. A very special honour to paint.

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Family portrait

Family portrait against a Mediterranean sunset. Putting the perfect combination of family members in their special place. It was a real honour. A gift for my client' s wife.

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Taj Mahal backdrop family silhouettes

Being a landscape artist, the backdrop is all important even where the subject matter is a memorable family holiday. This was a very specific brief which I hope I fulfilled . An iconic site and a magical moment.

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